Paw Socks

The weird footwear you never knew you needed

Paws, claws, talons... if you ever wanted feet that were more reptilian, avian or just plain furry, you might want to check out these weird animal feet socks. Not only can you keep your feet warm but you can do so while looking like a cat, lizard, eagle, zebra or another animal! You could even buy multiple pairs to mix and match your breeds. Not into animal feet? They'd make a great gift for someone who is.

The website that sells these socks, Oddity Mall, is totally new to me and there are all kinds of--you guessed it, oddities!--there. If you're not into animal print socks you can check out their universal lids, solar system underwear, geode rock floor rugs and other weird items of interest.

Have you run across any weird or freaky items for sale this week? Share them in the chat below.


photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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