People Have Sex with the Earth

And they're known as Ecosexuals

Before you start jumping to conclusions, no, Ecosexuality is not a lifestyle where people actually get married to and are only attracted to the Earth. On the contrary, it is a form of performance art, but it does make use of actual sex with the earth in many different ways. Some may embrace trees or soil while others use vegetables as sex toys, but it's all for the purpose of making environmental activism more fun and sexy. Annie Sprinkle and Professor Elizabeth Stephens started the movement, which uses theatricality in order to raise awareness about environmental issues.

Some forms of sexecology are not even that controversial. Having an orgasm in a waterfall, for example, isn't a huge deal to lots of people. Getting naked and gyrating in some mud, however, may raise a few eyebrows, while licking trees just doesn't seem quite so sanitary, either.

Have you ever heard of sexecology or witnessed a performance? What was it like and did you ever consider getting involved?

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