Phantom Hitchhikers

We want to hear your local stories!

You know the story. A hitchhiker (usually a woman but not always) asks for a ride and the driver picks him or her up. Once they reach their destination, they disappear, only to leave the driver to discover that he or she had been dead for many years. He or she often tells the story in a tavern or bar to a group of grim locals who inform the driver that the hitchhiker was a girl who died in a car crash on prom night or something like that. The urban legend is so popular that it was the subject of the pilot episode of the hit CW series Supernatural.

The cool thing about this urban legend is the same cool thing about many others: so many small towns in America have their version of the tale. Some say it's a group of kids in a cornfield, some say it's an old man in the rain... No matte what, the ending is typically the same, and it's fascinating to compare and contrast different towns' stories.

What are the urban legends of your town? Do you have any like this one?

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