Putting a Pause on Menopause

Should we really be doing this?

Scientists have discovered a way to surgically pause menopause, delaying it for up to 20 years, and several women have already paid thousands to have it done. While I think women should get to do whatever they want to their bodies, I also have to wonder if this is something humans should really be doing. 

For some women, particularly those who have terrible menopause symptoms and histories of complications in their families, I can see how it might be a godsend. I have a history of menstrual problems in my family and I know it can be difficult when others don't understand. That said, I can also see many women flocking toward any operation to stay young, which I don't find to be healthy in many ways. We are obsessed with youth and it seems like yet another way to sell it. 

What do you think of delaying menopause? Would you pay to do it?

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