Woman says there was a rodent in her sandwich

It's a pretty gross story if it's a true one: A woman is suing Chick-Fil-A not because of their bigotry or contributions to organizations that want to kill gay people as you might expect, but because she says she found a rodent cooked into her bun. First she thought it was burned, then she flipped it on a table and saw that there was what appeared to be a small rodent in the bread. 

Is it even possible to bake a rodent into bread? It's certainly possible to stick a rodent into a sandwich, whether on purpose by a disgruntled worker or yourself in an attempt to make $50,000, which this woman is attempting to do. A lab analysis confirmed that it was a rodent, and she did take a bite of the sandwich. She is suing for "extreme nausea and anxiety. 

If it's true, it is pretty awful, but I don't think it's worth $50,000. Do you know what's already IN the fast food you're eating? Things that are probably just as gross as a dead rat.

Do you think she should get that much money?


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Jake Paul

I don't think she should get one penny


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