Real Organ Snatchers?

Yes, they do exist!

The thing about urban legends is that there is often some truth to the stories, even if it's a teeny, tiny piece of evidence. When it comes to the famous story about tourists waking up missing their organs, however, there is some truth to the tale. No, there haven't been any proven rings of organ smugglers just yet, but there has been at least one account of people having their organs stolen.

In 2008, at least three men in India were lured into a home with the promise of construction work only to wake up to find one of their kidneys missing. A masked surgeon informed them of their surgeries and told them they'd live if they promised to never speak of the surgery happening! What a terrible thing to happen to someone. Luckily police busted the house where the assaults were taking place but who knows if they continue elsewhere?

Do you know of any true urban legends?

Photo courtesy of wikipedia

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