Socks Have Emu Calming Abilities

Also, perhaps cops should use socks more often!

This week in weird news, an emu was on the loose causing damage in a Massachusetts community when police stepped in to take action... with a sock. The emu was someone's pet, of course, and she said she didn't know how it got out, but it certainly led everyone on a wild... emu chase. Once the bird was out, it was also pretty cranky, which made it even harder to catch! 

Luckily some of the police had interesting ideas to capture the bird, such as using emu calls on a phone to lure it in and to place a sock on its head to calm it. These were pretty impressive tactics and we could only hope that more officers use their creativity like this rather than shooting first and asking questions later, which has happened to not just many dogs but even human beings every year.

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