Stephen Hawking Warned Us

But will we listen?

The probability of a computer-run world has long replaced the possibility of the concept, and the rapid rate with which we are approaching the days in which robots run the place is disturbing. It's so disturbing that Stephen Hawking even warned us to leave the planet before it happens! As funny as Hawking was, it's not likely that he was trolling mankind with his warning but being very serious.

Our tech has developed at such an alarming rate that it's inevitable. A robot has already been given citizen status in one country and people are using robots for everything from driving to sex. Robots may already be acting against their humans' wishes based on their own programming; all it will take is a robot to be programmed to make the world a better place before The Terminator happens.

Think it's a big conspiracy that's unlikely to happen? Or are you building a bunker? Share your thoughts in the chat!


photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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