Strangest Dental Remedies

What's the weirdest thing you've heard of?

When I tried using charcoal on my teeth for the first time, I thought I looked really weird, to say the least. Now it's pretty commonplace; I've even seen charcoal in toothpaste at the store. Then my kid and I were reading about ancient dental remedies and the things they filled teeth with made me gag. Just how did we start to do these weird things, anyway?

It got me wondering what other weird things people do to their teeth, and I came across this list which includes things like using pumice and vinegar (ancient Egypt), human urine (ewwww!) and sage with salt to help make smiles whiter. I'm sure there are plenty of other remedies that aren't listed, and I want to know about them!

What are the strangest things you've heard about people doing to their teeth? Share your findings in the chat!

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