Sunscreen Made From DNA

It's not only real but quite effective

Humans make a lot of things out of other creatures, and some of them are things that we really shouldn't make. I cried when I read about what we're doing to horseshoe crabs. We're going to wipe their species out if we don't find an alternative.

A "bandaid-like" sunscreen made from DNA that ensconces your flesh may not only protect you from the sun but actually improve at protecting you over time. This may be a required device not too far in the future if temperatures continue to rise, but what is professor Guy German's device actually made out of? The thin DNA film sounds like it may have to be based on human DNA (will it have to match your own when you wear it?) but I could see scientists experimenting with animal DNA to get it going.

What do you think of DNA "sunscreen"?

Photo courtesy of wikipedia

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