Watch Musk's Car

It's freaky but it's cool

By now you've probably heard that entrepreneur, engineer and inventor Elon Musk has sent his Falcon Heavy into space. Did you know that you can follow its travels online? At the website Where is Roadster? you can watch its progress (along with its Starman!). This is SO much better than watching "Santa's trip" on Christmas Eve night because it's, you know, real.

The site is in real time so you can watch the stats change every second. If you're doing a report about this for college (or the kids are for school), use this resource to find out more information about the car. Or just use it for fun! The site also has some goofy goodies, from patches to t-shirts, to commemorate the event.

Are you following the Falcon Heavy? Tell us what you think of the experiment.


photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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