What If Time Reversal Were Possible?

I mean, why not...

Plenty of movies have explored just why time travel isn't possible, but at the rate of technological development in our time, who really knows? Maybe it will be commonplace, or regulated by FEMA someday. This team of physicists wanted to prove it could be done for just a single particle, for not even a full second, and even though yes, they were able to prove that it's possible, it's not likely at all through real life application.

But really, how many of us thought the same regarding 3-D printing or using cell phones? At this point, I'm not willing to rule anything out, and I personally don't care as much about time travel so much as traveling with less time. Yes, I'm talking about Apparating, Harry Potter style. Come on, scientists, I know you have it in you. Hook us up.

Have you read about any freaky scientific discoveries lately? Share your links in the chat!

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