When Nature Makes Our Jaws Drop

Do you ever just feel so minuscule?

When it comes to Mother Nature, most of us get how insignificant we are. All it takes is one "natural disaster" to wipe out many of us, and even if we're destroyed via climate change, as it would seem is currently happening, the Earth will probably be fine, healing itself with another Ice Age or something once we are gone. It's a sobering thought, just as bitter as it is sweet, and if there's any consolation for the pain we feel regarding the leaders who refuse to take any action to repair the damage we've done, it's that nature is one resilient force.

Check out these photos of nature being mind-blowingly awesome if you don't believe me. Time and time again, we've witnessed nature recover itself after a disaster or after people abandon everything from small towns to civilizations. It's incredible how much nature recovers after only a few short years; who knows what it will look like after we humans are gone?

Have you seen any other freaky but amazing photos of nature lately? Share them in the chat!

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