Your Beard Is Germier Than A Dog

Beard shampoo could be handy

Have you ever been kissing a bearded person and suddenly tasted something unpleasant? Perhaps you've licked something icky in your own beard. Whether you can taste it or not, you might find it freaky that human beards have been found to carry more germs than dogs. This is due to the fact that beards are coarser and curlier, which means they hold onto germs better, but they're also next to the nostrils and mouth, which are damp, warm and a hotbed for bacteria breeding. Ew!

This is unfortunate news, but just by washing up after sneezing, when possible, or even at least once a day, you can cut down on those germs--many of which are harmful to your health--and help keep them at bay. You can go all natural with whatever DIY beard shampoo you like, or try any of the many brands now available. We really like this company a lot, but there are so many to choose from that it could even be fun to sample different products.

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