May 2009

Can you make freaky phenomena happen? Prove it.

Freaky phenomena like aliens and superpowers are well within the world of the paranormal and arguably the paranoid schizophrenic, but one James Randi has provided the chance for any aspiring psychic, teleporter or ghost hunter to prove their stuff. Randi founded the James Randi Education Foundation, dedicated, simply enough to the promotion of critical thinking. As a beneficial side to that the Foundation also dedicates itself to the investigation of the paranormal, defense of those being attacked or pilfered by phonies and to demonstrating the dangers of blindly accepting paranormal claims without proof. Randi has made several notable public appearances, including a visit to the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson where he publicly debunked well known psychic Uri Geller. Johnny, a former illusionist, was skeptical of Geller and ambushed him with the help of Randi, on the show. Presented with modified versions of his tricks, Geller could not perform his feats, saying he felt "weak" and "pressed".