August 2009

Chain unbroken...

I wear a silver chain around my neck...have for years. Two coins hang from the chain.  "Lucky" coins...  This morning, in the bathroom...while getting ready for work, the two coins "clunked" to the floor... I thought..." chain broke...". I Picked the coins up from the floor...looked for the chain...expecting to find it there next to the coins.   Not fact, it was still slung 'round my neck.  Now this chain has no clasp...the only way off my neck is over my head...and the only way those coins come off the chain is if it breaks...  The chain is intact...the coins are intact...  What gives here?  How did the coins come off an intact silver chain?  I am at a loss to explain this...anyone with any thoughts???  Thanks...

Patrick Stewart Spots Ghost During Performances

While performing in Waiting on Godot at the Theatre Royal Haymarket, in London actor Patrick Stewart was thrown a bit by a ghostly sighting of his own in the famously haunted theater.

During an interval in between acts, he reportedly told fellow actor Sir Ian McKellen that he had been thrown off his game a bit by a spooky sighting. The ghostly figure appeared to be wearing a beige coat with matching twill trousers and was standing just off stage, lingering in the wings. Others working in the theater reported that Stewart was definitely thrown by the apparition and did not appear to be frightened by it, but definitely took note of the ghost.

Giant Meat-Eating Plant Wants You for Breakfast

Behold, the giant pitcher plant of the central Philippines, a flesh-devouring hunk ‘o chlorophyll that would make Poison Ivy sigh with romantic bliss as she imagines it consuming her arch-enemy, Batman!

Sorry Ivy, the plant’s simply not big enough to eat the dark knight. But it might be able to eat bats; it does, after all, eat rats. (Perhaps something we could all use in our basement?)

This new species was discovered by two Christian missionaries who got lost climbing Mount Victoria. Three pitcher plant experts then set off on a two month journey to identify the new addition to Earth’s Little House of Horrors. During the expedition, they also came across new varieties of pink ferns and blue mushrooms that have yet to be identified.