October 2009

Michio Kaku and String Theory

Michio Kaku is a physicist renowned for both his contributions to string theory and his books on physics, which offer those interested in the strange and unusual ways of Quantum Physics an entry point in understanding. I recently read an interview with him in Fate Magazine and was fascinated by his book “Parallel Worlds” which seemed to me to be an explanation of the physics behind one of my favorite childhood books, “A Wrinkle in Time”.

Breaking News! What Happened to Balloon Boy?


Earlier this morning, a 6 year old boy lifted off in Fort Collins, Colorado in a homemade balloon constructed to look like a flying saucer. The boy's father and he had been working on it for months, constructing the large 20 x 5 ft helium balloon from mylar and thin plywood.

The balloon had been anchored to their home with a long rope and this morning his older brother watched him climb inside and take off. Shortly thereafter, the flying saucer shaped silver balloon was witnessed by local citizens, rising several thousands of feet in the air over eastern Colorado.

Jack the Ripper Identified?

An historian claims he knows the true identity of Jack the Ripper, and we can all take heart: it isn’t Elvis, Nixon or Michael Jackson.

Apparently the man behind the Whitechapel murders was named Robert Mann, a morgue attendant who has been identified through “modern police forensic techniques.” Whatever these are, they are said to include psychological and geographical profiling.

All of that said, can we really claim that ol’ Jack has been discovered without say, I don’t know, DNA evidence? Even death row inmates are cleared when the right DNA is finally matched to a crime; how can a case over a century old be suddenly solved without it?