May 2010

Celebrity Paranormal Project: "The First Warden"

I have to say, Celebrity Haunted House Paranormal Project (watch it on Hulu) makes a great summer night popcorn show.  I guess there were only six episodes that aired back in 2006, which is kind of a shame.  

This episode featured Olympic ski racer Picabo Street, Baywatch star and supermodel Michael Bergin, actress Mariel Hemingway, actor Joe Piscopo, and Real World: Chicago start Tonya Cooley.  Of these, Picabo Street turned out to be the hard-core believer, while Joe Piscopo was the laid back skeptic.  In fact, Piscopo seemed actively bored at several points during the show.


I love orbs.  They glow, they fly, they are completely mysterious - what's not to like?

Admittedly there is ONE thing not to like about orbs, and that is their tendency to be mimicked by floating bits of dust or flying insects.  One reason I really like "Ghost Hunters" out of all the paranormal investigations out there is that Jason and Grant almost always rule out "evidence" of orbs for this reason.