January 2013

Sandy Hook "truthers" terrorize retired psychologist

Gene Rosen is being relentlessly hounded by Internet goons.

On the morning of the Newtown shooting, a 69-year-old retired psychologist named Gene Rosen stepped outside to feed his cats. To his surprise, he found "four terrified children hiding out in his driveway." The children told Rosen that their teacher was dead. He stayed with them while the tragedy continued to unfold at Sandy Hook Elementary, about a block away.

Alex Jones freaks out Piers Morgan (and everyone else)

Notorious conspiracy theorist loses it on national television.

Alex Jones is a central figure in the contemporary field of conspiracy theories. His radio show has taken over a huge segment of what used to be Art Bell's audience, back in the day. His websites and podcast and articles are nutty, sure, but you would hardly have expected the kind of insane ranting that he burst into when interviewed by Piers Morgan.