May 2013

The mystery of India's Skeleton Lake

Hundreds of skeletons found dead of unknown causes
In the midst of WWII, a British forest guard came across an alarming sight in the northern mountains of India: hundreds of human skeletons surrounding a high alpine lake. At the time, the British military worried that the skeletons might have been from Japanese soldiers trying to sneak into British territory, so they sent a squad of archaeologists out to examine the remains.

Oklahoma tornado conspiracy theories

Thanks again to Alex Jones for fueling the fires of American paranoia
Whenever a disaster strikes, the conspiracy theory crowd manages to churn out a conspiracy theory within a few hours, no matter how preposterous. 
By the way, I recently read an interesting blog post (I wish I could find it now...) about what is so toxic about the "false flag" argument. It essentially takes a tragedy about other people and coopts it so that it becomes a tragedy about yourself. 

Cannibalism at Jamestown, VA

Jamestown settlers had to resort to dire methods to survive

Ten years before the Thanksgiving feast to celebrate the bounty at Plymouth, the Jamestown settlers were trying to eke out a living on a malarial, brackish island with little arable land. Despite the many setbacks faced by the Jamestown colony, our country's founding settlers struggled on despite their travails. After all, they had little choice.