July 2013

Seller of "bomb dowsers" found guilty of fraud

Surprise: empty box does not detect explosives
Dowsing is an interesting phenomenon. I have seen a water dowser at work, and it really was impressive. It was a grizzled old man, something of a local legend, who had been dowsing for decades. A neighbor hired him to find a place where they could drill for a new well, because their old well had gone dry. The old man located the spot, they drilled, and presto: water. 

Cattle mutilations

Truly deserving of the title "freaky phenomena"
Out of all the freaky phenomena in the world, one of the most puzzling is the topic of cattle mutilations. And even though many cases and symptoms of cattle mutilations have been debunked over the years, there continue to be cases that simply do not fit the standard pattern. When it comes to cattle mutilations, there are definitely far more questions than answers.

Did Snowden reveal UFO secrets?

Um... I'm thinking not.
Over the weekend a report began circulating that Edward Snowden had accepted an offer of asylum in Venezuela, and upon acceptance had released a long report about what the American government knows about UFOs. I think Ghost Theory is right to be skeptical about this report; every other UFO-related news outlet seems to be taking it seriously. But it's just a little too much, if you ask me.