August 2013

Disappearing objects: the "borrowers" phenomenon

Something's missing - and then it's returned
I think just about everyone has had this experience. You put something (maybe your keys, or a pair of scissors) the same place you always do. But when you go back for it, it's gone. You search everywhere, tear your home apart, to no avail. Later - maybe minutes or hours, maybe days - the object turns up again, right where you (should have) left it, or in another obvious place.

Intuition: What is it, and how can you get more of it?

A skill you can hone
People speak of "intuition" as a mysterious force that no one can quite explain. Although it turns out that if we look closely enough in the right spots, a lot of what we call "intuition" turns out just to be either a very well-educated guess, or an observation that just doesn't quite break the surface of your conscious mind, and instead has to resort to nibbling at your subconscious.