December 2013

The growing problem of corpse disposal

It's not just an issue for murderers anymore
Who hasn't wondered about the best way to dispose of a body? Murderers in fiction and real life come up with all sorts of creative methods of body disposal. But the issue of corpse disposal is increasingly becoming a concern in legitimate situations. If Dexter needs to figure out where to hide all the bodies, so does your neighborhood funeral home.

Is our universe just a hologram?

New evidence strongly suggests it
Consider the hologram sticker on your credit or debit card. The sticker itself is a two-dimensional object, a carved bit of foil with a sticky back. It contains, and is the source of, all the information to create the hologram (of a dove or whatever) which we perceive as a three-dimensional object. To put it another way, the hologram is just the projection of information which exists on that two-dimensional sticker.

Slender Man: The creepiest mystery of all?

No less scary for being fictional
Slender Man is basically a boogeyman for the internet age. Slender Man began in 2009 as an entry to a Photoshop contest on the Something Awful forums. Something Awful user Victor Surge created a pair of photographs showing a tall, thin, faceless figure in a crowd, along with the explanation that the Slender Man is a strange creature who is known to stalk children.