June 2015

Lab confirms KFC "fried rat" is just a weird piece of chicken

Are you really that surprised?
Last week, a KFC customer got a gruesome surprise in his bucket of chicken: a weirdly-shaped chunk of meat which looked, to many people's eyes, like a deep-fried rat. Devorise Dixon bit into the meat and thought it felt weirdly rubbery. When he brought it to the attention of the store manager, he was allegedly told that it was a rat.

Family flees house after receiving creepy letter from "The Watcher"

Are suing house's previous owner
Many people experience regret after buying a new home, even fear that they made the wrong decision. But a Westfield, New Jersey family took that terror to a whole new level when they bought a new six bedroom house for $1.3 million, then started receiving ultra-creepy letters from someone who refers to himself only as "The Watcher."