October 2015

Skeletons of giants found in Romania?

There were giants in the earth in those days, or so they say…
Genesis is pretty unequivocal on the subject of the existence of giants. But then again, Genesis says a lot of wacky stuff. It's not a textbook, is my point: it's a religious text. (Also, there is a lot of argument over the word "giants," which many Biblical scholars feel is just a mistranslation of a Hebrew word that means "apostate.")

Ghost smells

Keep your eyes peeled and your nose open!
October is the month for the smells of fall: burning leaves, baking pumpkin pies, caramel apples - but it's also the month for ghost-hunting. One under-appreciated facet of ghost-hunting is paying attention to smells.
Most people do not pay very much attention to their sense of smell. Stop what you are doing right now and list all the things you can smell. You will no doubt be surprised at all the smells you have been tuning out as a matter of course.