December 2015

Italian town trying to oust a royal ghost

Asti is plagued by a former ruler
The charming small town of Asti, Italy has a problem: it's being haunted by the ghost of King Umberto II of Savoy.
The ghost has appeared at least four times since 2011. Most recently, a city employee had a conversation with the king's ghost in a City Hall office. The ghost has also been sighted in other offices around City Hall, and in the plaza outside.

That's not how solar panels work

Town worries that solar panels will "suck up all the sun"
The town of Woodland, North Carolina is desperately in need of a reality check. Residents of the town recently voted down plans for a solar panel farm, for the dumbest possible reasons.
One resident voiced fears that the panels would "suck up all the sun" which would cause businesses and "all the young people to move out."