February 2017

Witches across the world urged to cast a spell against Trump

Binding spell on every crescent moon may get him out of office

 Witches worldwide are rallying against Donald Trump. The plan: Cast a binding spell against Trump every month until he leaves office.

A binding spell is not, as practitioners will quickly inform you, intended to harm the recipient. It is intended to reduce the target's ability to harm others, and in that sense is a type of self-defense.

Freaky New Trump Troll Doll

Plenty of artists have taken the time to address Donald Trump’s despicable nature, from political cartoons to colorful protest signs of Trump and Pence making out. Chuck Williams, 56-year-old artist, has now designed the freakiest piece of Trump art yet: a naked Trump troll complete with an Android phone for late-night Twitter sessions with Alec Baldwin and Rosie O’Donnell.