September 2017

Mother Earth Will Survive Us

My environmental biology teacher repeatedly said this and I've echoed it a million times: the earth will survive us. Sure, we'll probably destroy each other because we can't even vote properly, but once we're gone the planet will grow over our civilization, heal and repair itself. Have you ever seen that show Life After Earth? That shows what it will be like once we're gone and the planet forgets that mankind ever existed.

Species Born Via Cancer Cells

When you think about cancer, it's usually about the destruction that cancer is known to wreak on peoples' lives. It's never about creation, which makes this news so mind-blowing: a new species has been brought forth through cancer cells. Tobacco farmer Henrietta Lacks had a strange tumor in 1951 that baffled doctors. It was unlike any other cancer previously discovered or discovered since, so of course doctors were interesting in studying the unique cervical tumor. 

Fake Foods at the Grocery Store

Are you one of the many people who doesn't buy a store's brand of ice cream because you've heard that it won't melt, so it's not real milk? How about one of the people who insist that grated Parmesan cheese is really sawdust? I'm one of those people, too! The thing is, we're only partly right. Store brand ice cream, for example, may really still have milk in it even if it does contain ingredients that keep it from melting (and tasting weird).