November 2017

Childhood Trauma Can Last Forever

Pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris has an amazing TED Talk available right now that parents, caregivers, teachers and anyone who has children in their lives should watch. If you've experienced trauma in your life, you may want to watch it, too. The discussion is about how childhood trauma affects us our whole lives. Did you know that the risk of heart disease and lung cancer triple in cases of heavy trauma? 

Crabs on Drugs

Scientists are constantly warning us about all of the crap we're pouring into the ocean and the results are stacking up. From garbage patches floating around to whale stomachs inflated with plastic to our own food being so full of mercury that we can't even eat it, there's obviously problems.

Animals in Amniotic Sacs

You're probably already familiar with how a human fetus appears in an amniotic sac. It's pretty weird-looking; in fact, it could be more alien than human in some people's eyes. But have you seen dogs, crocodiles, snakes and other creatures in THEIR amniotic sacs? If not, definitely head to this page that will show you lots of photos. Keep in mind that it is pretty freaky!