December 2017


It's a pre-Christian tradition, but Krampus is completely new to many people in the Western world, and the tradition is catching on like wildfire. Krampus parades, theme nights and celebrations are popping up across the U.S. Some areas are even enjoying Krampus-themed haunted houses at Christmastime!

Mari Lwyd

If you love dead horses, you're going to love this Welsh tradition. It's a wassailing folk custom where people use a horse skull dressed up in a sheet (complete with Christmas ornaments for eyes) to go door to door, singing for food and spirits. Yeah, it sounds pretty freaky to us, too, but what culture doesn't have freaky traditions? (The correct answer is Hobbit culture.)

The Man in the Iron Mask

Why would a prisoner be forced to wear a mask of iron, be forbidden to speak to other prisoners and otherwise be treated so carefully and cruelly? You'd think that the prisoner would have to be someone like Hannibal Lecter, a danger to anyone in close proximity, but the truth may be quite different but just as terrible. Several historians are pointing at Eustache Dauger as the prisoner who wore the face of iron.

Freaky Facts About Flying

We all know there's some shady stuff going down on airplanes, but there are a few secrets that you may not know about. For example, did you know that the tanks they use to carry water on flights are really hard to clean and often harbor bacteria? You might not be sick from the germs of your fellow passengers but because you ate prepared food or drank water or tea on board! Stick to pre-packaged snacks and canned drinks when available.