January 2018

Paw Socks

Paws, claws, talons... if you ever wanted feet that were more reptilian, avian or just plain furry, you might want to check out these weird animal feet socks. Not only can you keep your feet warm but you can do so while looking like a cat, lizard, eagle, zebra or another animal! You could even buy multiple pairs to mix and match your breeds. Not into animal feet? They'd make a great gift for someone who is.

Five Feet of Tapeworm

It almost sounds like an urban legend meant to give you nightmares, not a terrible, real story that a man had to endure, but it's true. A California man who eats sushi every day ended up in the hospital with a tapeworm over five feet long in his body. It's almost too gross to report: as the man had bloody diarrhea, he thought his intestines were coming out of his anus. It turned out to be a very long and wriggling worm. Eugh...

New Early Cave Art Discovered

Puerto Rico's Mona Island is the location of newly discovered rock art that may change what we know about Pre-Columbian civilizations.The first humans on the island likely arrived there between 3000 and 2000 BC, but this art could mean some major discoveries about people from the 13th century, according to archeologists. Thousands of different pieces of art were discovered in the site.

An Iceberg Flips

Icebergs are already pretty fascinating. They're enormous, they are gorgeous and they seem so mysterious, especially when we find things inside or beneath them. But what about when they flip over? It turns out that they're even more beautiful when they rotate and we get a glimpse of the bottom. You can imagine how pristine the bottom of an iceberg might be compared to its snowy-looking top but you might not dream of how clear and precise its edges look.