March 2018

Facebook Knows All

Everyone is jumping ship from Facebook as if it's about to sink (and indeed, it might be) because of an enormous privacy breach. The company has been collecting all of your call history and SMS data, which, while obviously alarming and disturbing, really shouldn't surprise anyone. It's in the contracts we sign, the user agreements and in the words of everyone who's ever quit the site, even for a little while: Facebook owns it all. Your photos, your shares, your updates, your words...

Stephen Hawking Warned Us

The probability of a computer-run world has long replaced the possibility of the concept, and the rapid rate with which we are approaching the days in which robots run the place is disturbing. It's so disturbing that Stephen Hawking even warned us to leave the planet before it happens! As funny as Hawking was, it's not likely that he was trolling mankind with his warning but being very serious.