April 2018

Human Pups

What would you do if someone you knew enjoyed dressing up like a dog all the time? What if it went beyond that? Human pups are people who enjoy not only dressing up as accurately like dogs as possible, but also playing and behaving like dogs.

It's mostly men who do this and they say it goes beyond a sexual fetish. Those who become human pups say that they enjoy having no outside worries and use it as a form of escapism from reality, bills and the harshness of life.

Freaky Cool Land Formations

Ever heard of Wave Rock in Australia? How about the Stone Forest of China? These amazing geological formations don't look like anything else on Earth. It's always amazing to hear people say that we've discovered all there is to know about our planet; not only are there so many things like these formations to see and explore, but some scientists say we know more about the moon than our own ocean. There are some truly freaky and amazing things on planet earth!