May 2019

New Stranger Things Trailer

If you haven't caught the latest trailer for season 3 of Stranger Things, do yourself a favor and check it out. It is practically scandalous! Billy, Max's mean stepbrother who is understandably that way with a father like the one he's got, seems to have turned into the town heartthrob, with all of the Hawkins moms lusting after him. Hopefully he's graduated high school at this point, or at least 18 already, because Mike's mom, Mrs.

Weed Control

Okay gardeners, this is my biggest weak spot: weed control! How do you even begin to manage it? Up until now, my best strategy has basically been laborious elbow grease, pulling and pulling again. I hear prevention can be helpful, but I don't like weed killers and won't use them--at least, not the commercial ones. If there are more natural ones available I might be interested. 

Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream

How does some homemade ice cream sound today? Tis the season for ice cream fever and nobody does it better than Molly Moon's. First of all, everything is homemade, and you know you can taste the difference. But there are also some incredible flavors. In addition to traditional strawberry and sweet cream (trust us, it's better than vanilla), they've got honey lavender, thin mint, Earl Grey, cookie dough, salted caramel... they even have a "yeti" flavor made with granola and pieces of chocolate!


If you've a longtime follower of Family Guy, you've probably noticed how much the show has changed over the years. This piece by Screen Rant really goes into detail about the different changes we've seen happen on the show, from the changes in Meg's personality to Stewie's evolution from matricidal maniac to generic evil genius baby. 

Epic Poetry

Right now, my middle schooler is working on memorizing Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky," and they already want to change some of the lines to work better with the adaptation of Through the Looking Glass where Alice is the hero rather than this guy's son. While it made me laugh, it also made me think of other monumental poems that we've studied over the years.

DIY Guest House Kit

A house that you can assemble in 8 hours? That's exactly what Amazon is promising with this DIY guest house kit! It's not a complete "small house," but it's enough for a guest or two to spend the night in comfort. For $7,000, it's considered one of the more affordable DIY mini houses on the market, and it's supposed to be able to be set up within 8 hours, making it great for short notice guests, kids who might need to move back home for a bit or other individuals who could use this home.

Your Cat Probably Knows Their Name

Dogs are always said to be so smart, recognizing 200 words, including their names, and responding to commands. I've always maintained that those facts don't negate the intelligence of cats, and in fact cats may be even smarter because they're the ones who domesticated us and not vice versa. They'd eat us if they were larger, they develop elaborate plans to steal our food and cause mayhem, and according to new research, they also know their names.

NASA To Award Contracts To Eleven Companies To Work On Lunar Exploration

       On May 16th, NASA announced that forty-five and a half million dollars is going to be awarded to eleven companies under the terms of NextSTEP E contracts. NASA has been developing a plan for manned lunar exploration. A space station dubbed the Gateway will be placed in orbit around the Moon.

Sapa Profiles Supplied Poor Quality Parts To NASA For Twenty Years

        In addition to writing this weekly blog on space issues, I write a blog about nuclear issues every week day. In my nuclear blog, I have often talked about the greed and incompetence of some companies in the nuclear industry. Le Creuset is a French Company that sold nuclear components and reactor vessels made of substandard steel for decades before they were caught.