Aerogel For Mars

Are you at the point where you don't care if we colonize another planet or not? We know that only the rich people will be able to afford to go anyway (perhaps along with people they select as their slaves), and that doesn't sound like a world I even want to be part of. We're already in a world where the 1% runs everything, so why spread that across the universe? As exciting as space exploration is, part of me just doesn't want it to work for humans. We've had our run; let the octopus have a go of running things!

Martian Storms

When we were kids, I was fascinated with the various planets of our solar system, but I don't remember much focus on the weather patterns on each planet. That's why when my teen and I did a unit study on space and not only did I learn that, but that we have 13 planets, my mind was completely blown. We have such a constant news cycle that it's no wonder we miss so many important stories, like the fact that we have these planets.

Exoskeleton Suits In Development

It was only a matter of time before the Avengers inspired scientists to actually develop super suits to use in battle. To be fair, the military has always experimented with new ways to take down enemies, including more advanced uniforms, but now scientists are actually developing supersuits that aren't for flight, superhuman strength or invisibility, but the kind that can improve the lives of normal human beings.

Life Out There

Voicing that there's alien life off the planet Earth used to be met with scorn, but today most people know that beliving there's no life is the erroneous way of thinking. There's not a ton of proof either way, but given the vastness of the universe, it makes much more sense for life to exist elsewhere.

All About The Black Hole

Everyone is so excited about the photo of a black hole that was released last night, especially scientist Katie Bouman who made it happen (yes, along with many other contributors, but SHE is the reason we have the photo and you never hear every other scientist in history, who all used other scientists' work and data, being as picked apart as she is! STAHP IT NOW).


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