Mars's "Grand Canyon"

You must see this!

I'm one of those people who thinks that exploring our own ocean is even more fascinating than finding out what's out there in space, even though that, too, is incredibly interesting. But when I saw these images of the "Grand Canyon" of Mars, I had to agree that they were breathtaking!

Scientists aren't sure what carved these gorgeous valleys, but if they're anything like our Grand Canyon, they were made by water. That would only make them more incredible, don't you think? The pictures make it look like an icy winter wonderland--maybe something from Narnia!

Have you seen any other cool space pics lately? Share them in the chat.

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What You've Read Isn't What You Read

So much is lost in translation

Anyone who's taken a foreign language class knows there's no direct translation from any language to another. Even if you fail the class it's an important lesson to learn. That's why everything we've ever read--from the Bible to the Odyssey--is completely different in its original meaning from the meaning we make of it, simply due to its translation.

Take The Odyssey. It was recently translated by an expert who strived to use accurate words in several parts of the work that really change its interpretation. The original work lists slaves instead of cooks or other workers. It lists girls who were abused and murdered, not "whores," as many men have translated it. It also casts Odysseus himself as a more complicated character instead of the stalwart hero he's made to be in so many versions. It's incredible and should be the version we're all using in 2021.

This made me recall all of the variations in the Bible I've read about, or even things we take to be true--like Mary Magdalene being a prostitute--when really it was only a comment made by one religious figure in the last century! She wasn't at all, but it's a fact many people like to repeat and think to be true.

What works were you astonished to learn were different in their original translations? 

Weird Moments We Missed In Horror Movies

Did you notice these things?

As the lover of all things Easter Egg and hidden in films, I love lists like these. I especially love to see if I caught the things listed in them or not. When there's something I don't see, I like to see if my friends and family saw or missed it, too. I love a good scary movie (the more cerebral or creeping dread, the better--I'm not a big fan of gore for gore's sake) so this list of missed details in scary movies is really fun.

Did you notice that all of the chip bags weren't eaten in The Quiet Place since the people couldn't make any noise? What a clever little detail. Nope, I totally missed that. There are a lot of little foreshadowed details in art in many movies that I missed as well.

Did you catch these freaky details? Share your favorites in the chat.

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Israeli Space Security Chief Confirms Existence of Aliens

Then again, he also says Trump knows, so...

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that UFOs exist, so why shouldn't there be aliens among us? According to the former Israeli space security chief, Haim Eshed, they definitely exist but don't want us knowing until we're "ready." He also says that he's finally telling the public because his career is established enough for him to be taken seriously.

Honestly this doesn't even feel weird. It feels MORE weird to think there aren't any aliens, particularly among us, and at this point, I'm honestly suspecting my cat. She's really weird and I could definitely see her being an alien spy, not that I'm anyone worth spying on. Eshed says Trump knows about this, and at first I thought that was impossible since he wouldn't be able to keep his trap shut, but now I'm thinking it makes sense since he lies as easily as he breathes.

Do you think there are aliens among us who don't want us to know about them quite yet? Where do you think they are?

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Flat Earthers To Prove The Earth Is Flat

Hopefully they'll prove a few cryptids exist along the way.

Frankly I'd rather hear about some new cryptids proven to exist than hear more about these flat-earther people, but they exist nonetheless and they're making plans to visit Antarctica to prove their theories correct. Because... cold equals flat?

Nope: they say it's all about getting the distance of the coast of Antarctica. Yep, that's it.

Look, I love conspiracy theories that are all in good fun, but these anti-science people are really starting to bother me. I guess it's because we just hit over 300,000 people dead from the coronavirus and they're still talking about conspiracies and how it's "all fake" while their neighbors bury their families. It's not fun anymore.

Got jackalope photos or Bigfoot footage? Great, I'd love to see it. But when you deny science, how about keeping it to yourself instead of spreading it, and your germs, around?

Seriously, any good cryptid stories this week? Share those in the chat!

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Monolith Mayhem Takes a Racist Turn

Because of course it does

The monolith saga was continuing all in good fun as the objects continue to pop up all over the globe, until some Americans just had to go and make it weird and hateful. Some anti-immigrant MAGA men chanted, "Christ is king!" as they tore one down, erected a cross in its place... and said they didn't want "illegals" from Mexico or outer space. Sigh.

Where to even begin? How about with the fact that Christ preached to love everyone, and that these guys don't even appreciate their own irony? How about the fact that these monoliths are likely an art stunt and nothing more, or that if aliens were to arrive here, they certainly wouldn't care about the opinions of these random dudes? Like the article states, it's completely on brand for 2020. 

Have you read any fun, weird news this week? Share it in the chat!


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Monolith Disappears

Strange object is now in Romania

Remember the weird monolith we saw in Utah last week? It disappeared just as quickly as it showed up, baffling park officials before it apparently reappeared across the globe... in Romania. Or another one appeared there, anyway. What is happening?

Most believe this is some kind of artsy stunt meant to emulate a sci-fi movie, and any other year it might be fun or even funny, but this year it seems to be in poor taste given how we're all just waiting with bated breath to discover what else this year of madness has in store.

Do you think it's a prank or some kind of artistic statement?

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Monolith Found In Utah

Who do you think put it there?

A helicopter crew recently discovered a metal monolith in the Utah desert while they were doing a flyover to count sheep. Whoever stuck the thing in the middle of nowhere may not have known that it was illegal to do so on federal land, but the 10-12 foot metal object had to have been hauled by someone with a purpose.

Authorities are trying to find the source of the object and believe it was likely an artist attempting to make some kind of statement or to make it appear as if aliens were among us (which, let's face it, might not even be the weirdest thing in 2020).

What do you think is behind the monolith? Share your predictions in the chat.

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Ancient Clay Skull Contains Ram Skull Inside

Researchers aren't sure why

Have you seen this famous creepy ancient clay head? It's pretty cool (or creepy, depending on who you ask) on its own, but researchers have discovered that it contains an actual skull, but that of a ram. They aren't sure why, but anyone familiar with the idea of Black Phillip and similar folklore likely had chills when they looked at it!

Some speculate that it was made as a burial for a person whose body could not be recovered, which sounds pretty plausible. The people of Siberia who participated in these death rituals buried it along the remains of other people so it's certainly a possibility.

What do you think the clay-encased goat head was for? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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Which Exoplanets Could We Live On?

NASA Thinks There Are A Lot

Wondering if there's life out there in the galaxy and beyond is rather naïve today. We're now well aware that the probability of other intelligent life forms is high, and the question isn't IF they exist but where they exist. According to NASA, they may be more common than we ever dreamed.

br> it's possible that 300 million exoplanets that could be inhabited by humans could exist, according to NASA. Those kind of odds make all kinds of life possible, and I'd wager that we haven't even begun to dream about what is out there.

Do you think life could exist on that many planets?

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