Alien Life on Venus

There may be signs of it

No, we haven't made contact with alien life, at least not that the government has revealed. But scientists have discovered the presence of a gas on the planet Venus that may indicate a sign of life. 

Phosphine has been discovered in the gases of Venus, which may indicate that there is microbial life that we're not familiar with emanating the gas there! It will be incredible if we can find out more information. Scientists think that life may have existed there before the planet became a hostile environment. 

What do you think? Is there life on any of the other planets in our own solar system? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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Gender Reveal Parties Have Got to Go

Another device causes massive fire

What is wrong with modern parents who like to cause chaos with their stupid gender reveal parties? Yet another one of these botched parties caused a terrible fire, resulting in thousands of acres of land burned. The creator of these parties is asking that people stop immediately!

Not only that, but these parties are silly. Why are people so obsessed with their kids' gender when they haven't even met their kids yet? Gender is a social construct that could be quite different from who their kid is assigned at birth. We need parents to understand this rather than be obsessed with their babies' junk before they're even born so they can make the nursery pink or blue.

What's the worst freaky gender reveal party you've seen yet?

This Isn't The Chicken Pox!

Parents need to stop organizing mass meet-ups

As someone who's organized several homeschool groups, 4-H, Scouts and other groups over the years, I get the importance of our kids' need to meet up with real, live kids. Zoom is better than nothing, but this really isn't normal child development. I get it. My teen suffers and so do I, as I know you and yours do.

But that doesn't mean you get to set up massive meetups, join my homeschool groups to attempt to get over 100 families together at parks or the creek to play and refuse to wear masks while you're at it. It is beyond freaky to me that you would spread germs this way. Even for the people you snidely tell to "stay home if you're worried," you're spreading germs that still head to our spouses' places of employment, grocery stores and other places we can't avoid. I can't believe the parents joining groups that just expect us to continue meeting in person! My co-op is meeting mostly online and I suggest you do the same.

How are people responding where you live? Share your thoughts and feelings in the chat.

Alien Encounters

Have you had one?

Now that the U.S. government has confirmed the existence of aliens, how are you remembering every time someone told you they saw aliens or were even abducted by them? The latest Unsolved Mysteries series has an episode featuring an abduction and while I might have scoffed years ago, now I'm wondering if it may be true.

I have loved ones who've claimed to see aliens or aircrafts before and I've always just shrugged it off as a military or another kind of plane. I've had a few weird supernatural experiences in my own life that I continue to find explanations for as well.

Do you look at aliens in a new way now? Share your thoughts in the chat.

Footage of Ghost Girl Captured?

What do you think?

Recently when a family discovered that their son's grave was being desecrated by vandals, they set up cameras on his grave to capture images of the culprits only to find a little girl wandering around by herself on video.

When the family brought it to the attention of the cemetary, they were shocked to see that the little girl was one they had buried. Now her family says that her ghost has been caught on film. If you look at the photos for yourself you can clearly see her... but is it a trick?

Do you think ghosts are real? What about this one? Share your thoughts in the chat. 

Voices of the Underworld

Were these screams recorded in the Devil's Cauldron?

Yesterday my husband and I read about, watched and listened to this story about a YouTuber who dropped a phone into the Devil's Cauldron, a hole in Nevada some say is the entrance to the Underworld. While we thought it was pretty inconclusive, it's definitely interesting!

Check out the story here, and listen to the video to see if, as some have suggested, you think you can hear the screams on the audio. We could hear noises but they could be explained by a multitude of things, and we didn't hear the "Help me" noises that some claim to hear.

What do you think of this story? Do you think those were screams on the video?

Japanese Robot Takes a Walk

Gundam robot is incredible but also a little intimidating!

As much as I loved Voltron growing up, I don't think I'd like to see a real giant robot traipsing down the road. A giant, 60-foot tall robot is making headlines for doing just that in Japan. This "Gundam" robot is still under construction, but it's the world's tallest robot and it's a little intimidating.

Many people believe that we need to come to terms with a world filled with robots, some even saying that we will eventually be hybrids. Some say some of us already are! But I'm just not sure I'm ready for this freaky reality.

What do you think? Do you think more robots in society is a good thing?


Sephora Bans Mink Eyelashes

Wait, these were a thing??

Everyone is celebrating the fact that Sephora isn't using mink eyelashes anymore but I'm just sitting here with my jaw on the floor. Mink... eyelashes? You mean you killed endangered animals for fake eyelashes? I can't anymore. Really.

I'm glad this is being ended, too, but how could you guys have ever done this, Sephora? I don't wear fake eyelashes but as a young animal rights activist I would've been all over this. And as a former ferret companion, I am beyond disgusted.

What other weird practices have you read about recently that involve animals? Share them in the chat.

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Governor Admits Lots of Kids Will Get Covid-19

Missouri's governor is open about his indifference to human life

Missouri's governor Parsons has shown no leadership through the pandemic, from inconsistently using a mask to participating in crowded events of well over 50 people. He refuses to issue a mask order and now, as he pushes for schools to reopen in the fall, he admits that kids will get the virus.

Parsons, who doesn't seem to understand science, says that the kids will go home and come back, and not require hospitalization. Apparently he hasn't followed the latest reports to the contrary. Or perhaps he doesn't care about the teachers who will contract it from the kids and die, leaving no babysitters behind, because that's why he wants to reopen. If he truly cared about education he would hold science in a higher regard. No, he wants the teachers to watch the kids so the parents can work and his economy can "be strong" even as covid cases rise. It's absolutely chilling how open the politicians are about how it doesn't even matter to them. At first it was "There won't be many cases, we have it under control," until it was gradually made into a part of daily life, which is what they'd planned all along. They weren't going to DO anything about it.

What's the freakiest political news you've read this week? Share it in the chat.

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What are these circular objects?

We have no idea.

Remember when the U.S. government confirmed the existence of aliens a couple of months ago? It feels like it's been years since then. Scientists have since discovered these weird circular objects sending radio signals from deep space and we don't know what the heck they are, of course.

Gamma ray bursts, blasts from neutron star images, jets of a radio galaxy... there are several theories that are circulating about what these objects could be, but now every time we learn about new radio signals, we all have aliens on the mind, don't we?

What other weird things in space have you read about lately? Share them in the chat!

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