Could We Cool the Planet with Ferns?

It might be worth a shot!

As a plant lover, I'd happily plant these ferns all over my yard and home if they would help us combat climate change! The Azolla plant flourishes on nitrogen and carbon dioxide, which is helpful to those of us who need that carbon dioxide to be neutralized somehow. What if we could channel that energy once again and save our modern environment?

The moment we learn that this is possible is the moment I would happily plant this everywhere! Maybe we should go ahead, just in case. What do you think? Should we all just go ahead and plant it and hope for the best? 

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Fellow Citizens Aren't Enemies

"Cry more, lib" is not a victory slogan.

Somehow it has become in vogue to "own" the people who didn't vote for you rather than representing all of your constituents. It's really no surprise given how divisive Trump's own language is every day, but all across the country, most states are split about half and half, with many people not feeling heard at all within their districts.

Too many politicians have freakily adopted the tactic of only catering to their base, and either ignoring or openly mocking the voters who didn't support them like schoolyard bullies. The youngest member of Congress, Madison Cawthorn, simply tweeted, "Cry more, lib," after winning, which is just bizarre... not to mention lazy. The young man also just HAD to visit Hitler's retreat, his "bucket list" item that makes us wonder if we're living in the Twilight Zone. I'm not in this kid's district but I worry for those who are.

What do you think the freakiest new election tactics are? Share them in the chat.

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Woman Ghosted By Ghost Boyfriend

The engagement is off.

A woman says that she had fallen in love with a ghost and planned on marrying him before he started to ghost her. "Ray," her ghostly partner, would disappear randomly and "party" too much, leaving her no option but to call off their wedding.

The pair were together for apparently nine months or longer, and the ghost began bringing other spirits home and, according to his ex, doing drugs. That's when she decided they shouldn't be together anymore.

Have you read any other weird news this week? Share it in the chat.

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The Weirdest Things About Being Human

Share your facts in the chat!

There is no denying that human beings are weird creatures. But just how weird are we? I've been looking up weird human facts and learning more than I'd ever hoped to learn about the weirdness of being a human being. You might already know that we are taller in the morning, but did you know that we make enough saliva to fill two bathtubs every year? Ew.

Did you know that 12% of us dream in black and white? I'm a color person myself. We also have over 1,000 species of bacteria on our skin, which is another fun yet disgusting fact.

What other weird human facts do you know? Share them in the chat! 

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Rules For Exploring Abandoned Places

Which have you heard about?

Remember when we were kids and we'd hold our breath when we passed a graveyard, lest our souls be stolen from our bodies as we breathed? How about when we kept our toes beneath the covers when we slept to avoid being captured by The Thing Under the Bed? Somehow we all knew these rules, even if no one had ever told us, but apparently there are a lot more rules to know when it comes to graveyards!

According to this list, you shouldn't enter an abandoned twice because "they will know enough about you to keep you there." Some of the rules are pretty self-explanatory, like bringing a snack and a drink, but some are pretty chilling.

What do you think? Have you heard similar rules like these?

Paradox-Free Time Travel Possible

At least, in theory

Time travel storylines have always annoyed me. I can't get past the paradoxes possible, especially given how many things originate from tiny ripples in your day. One small decision can affect multiple people and events, so as much as I love the Avengers movies, I'll always experience some annoyance with them and all of my favorite comics.

These scientists, however, say that time travel without the possibility of a paradox is theoretically possible. They say that a timeline would merely self-correct to ensure you would have been able to travel back in time to affect it in the first place. Hmmm.

I don't buy this theory and I don't think there's enough evidence to support it, but say it's true. Then wouldn't everything change as a result, creating ripples across the timeline? What do you think?

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Cryptid Themed Goodies

What have you found?

Cryptid creatures are making a comeback and I'm super excited about it! I think shows about cryptids are likely to blame, which is A-OK with me! My kiddo and I love all things cryptid and would love to collect cryptid items.

I recently bought a Cryptid box of wax melts from Villainous Wax that was really cool. She's having a sale with more of them featured this weekend! My kiddo also has the fun Loch Ness Monster keychain that came with the box. I've seen everything from cryptid candles (my favorite candle company, Serpent & Flame, sold them) to patches you can "earn" by learning about each creature (yes, you buy them) and would love to see what you've found.

What cryptid creations do you know about or sell? Share them in the chat!

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Gravediggers Who Didn't Wear Masks

Indonesian punishment is making its way around the web

When people in Indonesia skip wearing a mask for safety during a pandemic, they get much more than a fine. A story is circulating the Internet about how eight people in Indonesia were sentenced to work as grave diggers as a result of their disregard of the local mask wearer.

Where I live, there are counties allowed to skip masks and counties with mandates. It's infuriating when you wear a mask to protect others and they don't extend the same courtesy toward you, and it would be awesome if every governor would issue a mandate. 19 states still don't have them.

What weird news have you read regarding the virus lately? Share it in the chat.

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Alien Life on Venus

There may be signs of it

No, we haven't made contact with alien life, at least not that the government has revealed. But scientists have discovered the presence of a gas on the planet Venus that may indicate a sign of life. 

Phosphine has been discovered in the gases of Venus, which may indicate that there is microbial life that we're not familiar with emanating the gas there! It will be incredible if we can find out more information. Scientists think that life may have existed there before the planet became a hostile environment. 

What do you think? Is there life on any of the other planets in our own solar system? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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Gender Reveal Parties Have Got to Go

Another device causes massive fire

What is wrong with modern parents who like to cause chaos with their stupid gender reveal parties? Yet another one of these botched parties caused a terrible fire, resulting in thousands of acres of land burned. The creator of these parties is asking that people stop immediately!

Not only that, but these parties are silly. Why are people so obsessed with their kids' gender when they haven't even met their kids yet? Gender is a social construct that could be quite different from who their kid is assigned at birth. We need parents to understand this rather than be obsessed with their babies' junk before they're even born so they can make the nursery pink or blue.

What's the worst freaky gender reveal party you've seen yet?