Creepy Crafters Marketplace

Find something special for your creepy soul

If you're a lover of all things creepy, the Creepy Crafters marketplace will be just for you! The coming soon online hub will feature creepy art and handmade collectibles from various independent artists and crafters. 

If you're an artist, you can sign up for free to get started, and if you're a buyer, you can sign up now to get notified once it's off the ground. The Lost Angeles-based company will have everything from prints and jewelry to dolls and puppets. If it's creepy, it will probably be there.

Are you excited about the Creepy Crafters market? What do you hope to find there?

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Radio Signals From Space Explained?

Have you heard of the wobbling star theory?

We've been getting regular radio signals from space that have scientists perplexed for a while now, many of which seem to generate from the same location, over and over again. Those of us who are dying to make contact with life on another planet are obviously hoping for some intelligence behind the signals, but now scientists believe that the signals may actually be from a wobbling star!

The waves may come from high energy beams from the star, which would explain why they've been coming from the same place all this time. But would they be so regular as well? How many of us are actually picturing some being working on a distant version of Morse Code here?

What do you think the mysterious signals are coming from? 

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Ambient Sounds to Save Coral Reefs

It's an ingenious idea!

While playing Baby Einstein CDs isn't about to help coral reefs recover, it turns out that playing ambient coral sounds to attract life back to the reef will, which is a brilliant idea that scientists are now using to help restore coral reefs. 

It's not a perfect solution given how humans are continuing to spoil the ocean and treat the planet terribly, but it is a good step in emergency work while we work on restoring the ocean as well. It's also an example of an outside the box idea of the caliber we need right now in order to help repair the damage done to the planet.

Have you heard of any other cool solutions like this this week? Share them in the chat!

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Eyelash-Sprouting Gums

It's a real condition!

Have you ever heard of growing eyelashes on your gums? It's an actual condition that some people have. It's super rare, with only five known cases in history, and doctors believe that it's to do with a hormonal effect that results in hair growing in the gums.

I've also never heard of the Jerusalem Syndrome or many of these other conditions that some people experience. They're all really rare but also very interesting.

What other strange medical conditions have you heard about lately? Share them in the chat!



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The Sun Looks Like Dessert Up Close

What did you think of these pictures?

One of the best things about being alive in 2020 is bearing witness to some of the most incredible technology the world has ever seen, including the most detailed, cleared photos of any generation. Last week photos of the sun came out that are closer than we've ever seen the sun before and they aren't only awe-inspirint, but... delectable.

That's right. Images of the sun are tuning out to look like caramel corn, among other treats, and many people are wishing to take a bite. Even being within close proximity of the burning plasma wouldn't be advisable for anyone who would want to walk away alive, but the photos really are mesmerizing.

What did you think of the pictures? Have you seen any other incredible photos this week? Share them with us in the chat.

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Haunted Elsa Doll Always Comes Back

There's no way this family can "let it go," or so it seems

A family in Houston says they're being haunted by a creepy "Elsa" doll from Disney's Frozen franchise. They say they've tossed out the doll multiple times only to have it keep returning to them.

It's an age-old story; everyone from Edgar Allan Poe to the writers of the Chucky films has used the trope of the thing--whether it's an animal, a toy, a dress or otherwise--returning to the family after they attempt to get rid of it over and over again. 

According to this family, not only did this doll still sing while turned off, but it turned up in their home after they decided to throw it out. The children of the family insist they had nothing to do with it.

Have you ever had something this mysterious happen to you? Share your story in the chat.

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Would You Use An Organic Burial Pod?

Another eco-friendly post-life option

As more of us worry about the environment around us, we're turning to more eco-friendly options every day. While the reason behind it is still quite scary, I'm so excited to see so many people work to try and improve the world, even if some of the methods are a little... freaky.

Take these organic burial pods. They pretty much transform our bodies into giant seeds for planting, and while that seems super natural, it's also a little creepy. Anything death-related can be creepy, but maybe it's the fetal position that you're in as you exit the world, similar to the one you entered it in.

What do you think of organic burial pods? Would you opt for one for your end-of-life choice?

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Human Composting Is Coming

What do you think of this service?

Ever since I saw the scene from Agents of SHIELD where Fitz and Simmons discussed returning to the ocean when you die, I've felt like that's what I want to do, too. I don't like the idea of coffins, and while I thought having myself cremated and poured into the ocean, which is one of the things I love most on Earth anyway, would be nice, I couldn't help but think about the importance of our bodies naturally decaying the way they're meant to do. Yeah, it's morbid, but it's true, although we could argue that many of us have too much junk in our bodies to want to give it back to nature!

So when I read about human composting, I thought... well, yes. That makes so much sense to me. Washington will be the first state to allow it and the first site is scheduled to open soon. The process uses a fraction of the energy used on cremation and it returns the body to soil in the most eco-friendly way. I really hope the trend spreads to more states.

What about you? What do you think of human composting? Would you opt for this service?

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The Hum: Solved?

Could it really just be magma?

Remember the big Hum heard around the world that freaked everybody out? According to geologists, its not as weird as it sounds... especially if you think Mother Earth should make noises when she gives birth to new volcanoes.

That's what the noise is, apparently: the noise made when magma rumbles during a geologic event. In some ways this might be a disappointment, but I think it's pretty incredible--not only that such an awesome sound could be made but that we could even discern its origins in the first place.

Have you heard about any other incredible mysteries solved this week? Share them in the chat!

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Las Vegas Human-Moving Tunnel Coming Soon

Would you use it?

Well, it's not apparation Harry Potter-style, but Elon Musk's plans for a people-moving tunnel that transports people through Las Vegas sounds like a great idea in theory. The tunnel will be under a mile and is designed to help traffic along the Las Vegas Strip. 

Each vehicle in the tunnel will be autonomous and hold 16 people, which is where my worry starts to come in. Autonomous anything that doesn't have its own brain tends to make me anxious as it is, and while I have fun playing with my mom's Alexa at her house, I have no plans to get my own. We definitely need an updated public transportation system in the U.S., especially where I live, but I'm not sure this is the answer.

What do you think of this idea? Would you like to see it implemented where you live?

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