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Beware the dangers of snake people!

Funny Millennial meme
Tired of the media and internet articles constantly talking about Millennials? Feeling the need to spice things up a little? Interested in participating in a more dramatic world? Then you need the Chrome extension that automatically changes all instances of the word "Millennials" to "snake people."
This extension creates hilarious headlines like "7 facts every business should know about snake people" and "Whole Foods plans new chain to court snake people."
All jokes aside (and make no mistake, it is hilarious) this extension mainly serves to highlight the media's endless fascination with talking about Millennials, and how terrible they are.  There is very little positive news about Millennials, and I have a theory about that. 
Who reads the news? Old people. What do old people hate? Young people. So obviously the news is going to cater to that demographic by constantly bemoaning our nation's fate at the hand of snake people. I mean, Millennials.
We won't get anywhere by demonizing an entire generation of people, and it does everyone a disservice to pretend that all Millennials are alike. I urge you to consider each snake person on his or her own merits, and be less judgmental about snake people as a whole.