An Iceberg Flips

And It's Pretty Amazing

Icebergs are already pretty fascinating. They're enormous, they are gorgeous and they seem so mysterious, especially when we find things inside or beneath them. But what about when they flip over? It turns out that they're even more beautiful when they rotate and we get a glimpse of the bottom. You can imagine how pristine the bottom of an iceberg might be compared to its snowy-looking top but you might not dream of how clear and precise its edges look. Check out these photos and prepare to say, "Ooooh!"

It's like finding a giant, cut and polished gemstone, isn't it? The glassy surface is so blue and beautiful that it looks like it's from another planet--like it should be part of an Infinity Stone or an alien paperweight, at least! It doesn't look like something of this earth but it sure is amazing to look at. 

Have you seen any beautiful photos of nature this week? Share them in the chat.

photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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