Speaking to Dead People

Paranormal experts sought answers from ghost Gwyrch Castle

EVP may be most well known as a fictional method of speaking to the dead popularized on movies like Ghostbusters, but actual paranormal investigators do utilize electronic voice phenomena when they attempt to collect data on the unexplained. A team of researchers traveled to 19th century Gwyrch Castle, where sightings of a ghostly woman and reports of terrified dogs have been reported. Rumors circulate that ever since the restoration of the grounds has commenced in 2014, ghostly occurences have been on the rise as unhappy spirits make their desire for quiet known.

The spirit, or spirits, may have the oppositie feeling. When researchers asked how any inhabitants felt about the restoration project, a voice called out "Happy" in the kennel area. Perhaps the spirit appearing is a friendly one who is simply seeking some company in a lonely old castle in North Wales. 

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Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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