That Time the Meteor Crushed Your Malibu

As meteors are wont to do

Many of us imagine what it might be like if a meteor were to strike the earth and render us all long gone, but what about a small meteor just big enough to take out your ride? That's what happened to Michelle Knapp, 18, who thankfully wasn't in her car when a meteor struck it, creating a giant hole in the trunk. The meteor went straight through and created a hole beneath her vehicle, and she could see the smoking bowling-ball-sized rock laying in it when she peered through.

We earthlings get 60 tons of meteoric material every day, but most of it isn't big enough for us to even notice the impact. This kind of story makes you think twice about the sky falling for Chicken Little and whether or not to wear a helmet, you know, just about anywhere. Are helmets even meteor proof? I'd wager not!

Have you ready any other freaky meteor stories this week? Share them in the chat!

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