June 2013

Ghost hunters shot at by angry neighbor

Lucky for them, it was just a BB gun
Ghost hunting can be a dangerous pastime. Just ask the group of ghost hunters who went out to investigate a remote rural tunnel last week. Even though the tunnel was on public property, a woman living on land adjacent to the tunnel took offense when the car full of investigators pulled up in the middle of the night. A 28 year-old woman named Brandi Lea Avery allegedly told the investigators to leave the area.

Did "holding it" kill Tycho Brahe?

New evidence seems to rule out mercury poisoning
I had always heard that famed 16th century astronomer Tycho Brahe had been poisoned by mercury, perhaps by his main rival, Johannes Kepler. But I recently learned that not only is the mercury belief unfounded, but researchers think Brahe most likely died from having to pee. Sadly, one of the world's greatest minds may have died from an excess of politeness.