Dolphin Telepathy

Dolphin Telepathy

Someone recently brought this Dolphin Communication Orgone Pendant to my attention, and I couldn't be more enthralled.  What it may lack in visual appeal, it makes up for in "dolphin gem elixir."

I was not aware that dolphins were telepathic.  I learned that from reading about the pendant ($99) the dolphin gem elixir ($39) and the impressively hefty desktop Dolphin Portal Orgone Cone ($170).

When you think about it, it's remarkable what a connection we as a culture (if not as a species) have made with dolphins.  They are seen as friendly, spiritual, healing, mystical.  At the very least, cheerful.  All this from an animal that is so incredibly different from us. 

Dolphins live underwater, breathe through the tops of their heads, have two fins in front instead of hands, no legs, and a big fluke instead of feet.  Most people are even unaware that dolphins are mammals.  It's an understandable mistake, since they seem more like a fish made from an inner tube, with the fin attached sideways.

And yet, people connect with them.  Although species-specific animal safaris are common, I am unaware of any safaris where people venture out to "be one with the gerenuk" or "run with the tapirs."  But dolphin adventures are a brisk business, with people paying hundreds of dollars a day to swim (and hopefully commune) with dolphins.  Not to mention unscrupulous hotels which keep dolphins in sad, shallow concrete pools and charge tourists to wade into the water.

"Humans who meet dolphins do not necessarily change their lives overnight, but the Dolphin Presence is a conduit to allowing that choice if a human wishes to take it."

A belief in dolphin telepathy is also common, as I have found with hours spent engrossed in reading websites (which invariably choose a combination of text color and background which makes it actively painful to read).  Dolphins are seen as higher beings, ones which wish us well.  They are benevolent, if often indifferent gods.

Author and spiritualist Timothy Wylie's book "Dolphins, Telepathy & Underwater Birthing" may have started this trend, or at least given it birth.  Wylie specializes in the study of "non-human intelligences," like aliens and angels.  Wylie's personal website is interesting, if somewhat baffling to navigate.

Another woman tells of how her group of fellow retreat-members in Mexico were able to summon dolphins, via a telepathic request.  The locals swore that the dolphins had left the area for the season, and wouldn't be back for 8 to 10 weeks.  But the retreat-goers asked the dolphins to meet them on Wednesday, and sure enough, they did.

(I am fascinated by the question of how the dolphins knew which day was Wednesday.  What is a dolphin's concept of time?  Do dolphins understand the idea of "days of the week," much less understand which day is Wednesday?)

Dr. Joe Champion of the Interspecies Telepathic Project (ITP) says that "it seems reasonable to hypothesize that dolphins are telepathic."  Who are we to argue?   Champion has also "developed an artificial intelligence" called ADAM (the first such in existence, were it true) which is "a telepathic bridge interlinking the minds of human and dolphin."  

Photo credit: Flickr/Cayusa