Ghost Hunters, "Ghost in the Attic/New Jersey Bar"

Ghost Hunters, "Ghost in the Attic/New Jersey Bar"

This latest episode felt kind of "meh" after the last few.  Although "Ghost in the Attic" is interesting because the report is of a family which is frightened in their own home.  Whenever this situation arises, I always feel like the TAPS members go the extra mile to debunk everything.  So if they encounter anything which they have to admit is paranormal, then you can be fairly certain it's the real deal.

Sometimes I get hung up on the conflicting information and advice they provide.  Early, during the debriefing, we are told that the family has befriended their ghosts only to see them turn nasty.  "Sometimes they come across friendly just to get your attention and your trust," Grant says.  This frames ghosts as being something like raccoons.  Like, it's all cute and friendly at first, but eventually you're going to get bitten.

But later when reassuring the family members, they give the advice to treat the ghosts like people, because that's what they are.  Dead people, but people nevertheless.  

I'll be honest with you: whatever made that hiss from the bureau when Amy and Kris were upstairs doing their EVP sessions didn't sound like "people" to me.  But their first priority when dealing with a family home is to downplay everything, so there you go.

As a viewer, there was some frustration with some of the incidents not being captured on film.  I guess I can accept Jason and Grant's explanation that "the blue light didn't get captured on film because we're using infrared."  But when Jason repeatedly sees something pass across a slim line of light from a window, and he doesn't turn a camera to capture it, I can't help but be annoyed.  They are both carrying cameras for a reason!  

At the end of the segment at the Grzelak House, I was very impressed that Grant managed to gently debunk the homeowner's claims of being sat upon at night.  Sleep paralysis was the first thing that came to mind when she had originally related her stories, and her symptoms were pretty much textbook.  This is the phenomenon also known as "the night hag," and it can be incredibly alarming for those who experience it.  However, it's a medical condition, not a paranormal experience, and I have to give the TAPS guys props for putting the science where it belongs.

The second segment, at a supposedly haunted bar in New Jersey, was given extremely short shrift.  Any time you have two investigations in a single episode you know that one or both of them are kind of sucky.  I remain wholly unimpressed with the flashlight trick, which is just too easily explained away as random.  And although there were some odd rustlings and bangings heard from the apartment upstairs, nothing very interesting happened.  

Aside from that crazy-ass scream on the EVP when Kris was investigating the basement, obviously!  I love it when they catch crazy-ass screams on EVP, even though it's probably just a weird digital quirk.  They aren't as unnerving as a voice groaning "get out" but it's still not half bad.