Hand Microchips

This is what we're being reduced to

Years ago, my younger sister said she'd love to be able to carry her ID and credit card in her skin in microchip form. "Blasphemy!" I wailed, clutching my pearls like the Millennial luddite who refuses to get a new phone until it doesn't work anymore, at all, that I am. That's some scary Terminator stuff right there, amirite? It turns out that she wasn't alone, and today thousands of Swedes are doing something along those lines.

Apparently posting what you're doing on social media is SO yesterday. Today your body's supposed to be doing that for you, and for $180 you can get a grain of rice-sized chip implanted into your body that will automatically check you into wherever you're going on social media so you don't have to. Hey government, why track people anymore when they track themselves for you? Abbie Hoffman would be ashamed. Maybe we've just become so jaded that we don't even think privacy is possible anymore, but microchipping yourself and getting tracked like this just sounds horrifying to me. How would you feel about it?

What other freaky stories have you read about this week? 

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