How Strong Is Your Freak Out?

And do you even like to scare or be scared?

The season of scaring is upon us, and like many people, I like to scare and be scared, but only mildly. If something really terrified me I think I'd have to take a break! Over the years I've learned to not do pranks during Halloween or April Fool's that might upset others. I was raised with an aunt who loved to do these things so it's special to me, but others have bad experiences and we should always respect that. 

That said, if you enjoy freaking people out who also like it, I'd love to hear your favorite tips and ways to do it! My teen has friends who enjoy just jumping up and scaring people, which is fine, but I like to go a bit further than that. One time I wrote a roommate a letter from a prisoner she'd been corresponding with, asking for marriage, and she did NOT apreciate it. That's how I learned my lesson! But I still love to use a lot of fake blood on Halloween, dress up and really freak people out. My best costumes so far have probably been Carrie and Pennywise, both from the Stephen King universe!

How do you freak people out? Share your tips in the chat!

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