Lightning With Your Fireworks

Have you ever seen this?

Recently I saw a couple of freaky and fascinating things in a single night. First, while driving past the city, I saw the entire sky, clouds and all, against the city lights skyline. This might be a common sight for some, but for me it was incredible to see the clouds in the dark. Where I live, we usually only see the stars, moon and sometimes planets; it's just outside the city so the clouds only serve to obscure things. I never see them actually defined in the sky.

Then, as we saw lightning light up the sky, people began shooting off fireworks. I don't think it was particularly smart to be setting fireworks off at the same time as lightning, but I can't deny that it was beautiful. As odd as it seemed to me, according to USA Today the Fourth of July is one of the most hazardous times for lightning, so apparently it's a thing.

Have you seen any odd or freaky things go down this week or recently? If so, what did you see? If you have photos we'd love to see them, too!

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