Massive Cyber Attack Hits Companies

Ransomeware attacks 2,000 people worldwide

It's one of those worst nightmare scenarios: businesses owners over the world wake up to find themselves rendered powerless with a nasty virus demanding money in order to be lifted. It happened this morning after cyberattacks hit Europe, Asia and the United States. The ransomeware is a new kind that has not yet been profiled, but the original source website was tracked to Ukraine. That doesn't tell us much, either, since that site was hacked in order to distribute the virus.

About 60 percent of the attacks occured in the Ukraine and around 2,000 people are thought to have been affected by the hack. Russia's biggest oil company was hit hard, and despite that the spokesperson from the Kremlin reported that no major damage was done, if you believe that.

To find out more about the attacks, click here. Share your thoughts about it in the chat.


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