No More Quiet

The world is running out of silent places

Is it any wonder there's practically no more silent places left on Earth? I can't remember the last time I heard complete silence, particularly with everyone's kid on some device or other (not to mention parents and everyone else, too). Yesterday we went to the movies and there was a 10-year-old kid sitting next to me on his phone, with headphones plugged in, next to his dad, who was on his phone, while they waited for the movie to begin! I try to withhold judgment--I have no rocks to throw, as I use a cell phone, and who knows? Maybe the kid was calmer with his device and needed it. No matter the reason, people are definitely noisier than ever.

According to scientists, there are just 12 spots in the country where there's no sound, and I believe it. Each of these sounds like it would be a dream to visit; even though I love my music, family and pets, I also love silence sometimes. I have friends who live in monasteries for periods of time just to experience this silence. I have other friends who have several sounds going at once and I don't know how they live. I live somewhere in the middle of all this and am intrigued by living in silence.

Have you ever lived in silence? What's the most silent place you've ever visited?

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