Skip The Oil Change And Do A Blood Change Instead!

At some point, we need to ask if we should...

Remember Repo! The Genetic Opera? If not, don't worry, this is much worse: a startup company is buying the blood of teenagers to sell to rich people for thousands of dollars to help them be healthier and live longer. This is incredibly distressing, especially considering the laws already on the books about organ selling. Also? People donate rather than sell blood to save lives, yet we're allowing this to happen? There are so many ethical concerns here that I can't even. 

Life extension science, they are calling this baloney. Because we need more rich people to stay around longer and dictate how the country operates, amirite? We've had so many movies made about this, from Monty Python sketches to The Island, that it shouldn't be as surprising, but why don't we have laws catching up to the science to stop it? Just because we can doesn't mean we should.

What do you think of blood transfusions for "life extension"? 

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