Tree Kangaroos Face Extinction

And it's our fault

If it's not freaky to you how many animal species are disappearing due to human actions and waste, I'm not sure what to say. Yes, we're all a little jaded regarding just how much of an invasive species we are on this planet after hearing about all of the terrible things we do to not only one another but the planet itself, but hopefully we're still shocked enough to want to do something about it.

In the case of palm oil use, we totally can, too. It's not too late to stop using palm oil products, check to see if the products you use contain sustainable palm oil or not and put pressure on companies to stop using it entirely. The latest news in terms of palm oil use effects is that tree kangaroos are going extinct as a result. Do we really need another species' blood on our hands because we happen to like bread, soaps, vegan cheese and other items that contain it? 

Please see what you can do about curbing your palm oil use, switching products to sustainable oils and asking manufacturers to stop it already. If you're already doing these things, please share your tips in the chat.

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